Seiketsu Founder
Seiketsu Five Culture

These are the core cultures in Seiketsu. Our leaders lead the team with love and passion, and promote love through a few approaches, namely The Culture of Smiles, Politeness, Respect and Bowing, Reading, and Mutual Love.

The Culture of Smile
A smile is the most direct and positive way to convey human feelings. It gives us strength, faith and courage to move forward. It also features tolerance and recognition. It creates peace, purifies our minds and motivates us. Live life with a smile, be optimistic!

The Culture of Politeness
Politeness is the guide and specifications of words and manners to convey mutual respect and friendship in our interaction through languages, facial expressions, behaviors and attitudes. We deliver the message of love through well-mannered behaviors.

The Culture of Respect and Bowing
Bowing is an act of respect as well as sense of gratitude towards others. The act of bowing also makes oneself a more likable person. It creates greater fortune for him and many people will be willing to help him along the way, thus his happiness will continue to grow. Seiketsians bow of respect to 4 concepts -"Love, Contribute, Sponsor & Give Back to the Society", indicating their willingness to make it happen, in fulfilling their responsibility to serve the society.

The Culture of Reading
Reading is a means of self-development. In current information age of the 21st century, we gain knowledge through reading. Reading opens our mind and allows us to convert knowledge into productivity. Henceforth, it may help to establish a force to promote social development and progress. Reading broaden one's view, makes​​ him understand about the majesty of the world and the grandeur of humankind, thus helps him to produce judgments that go beyond his own experiences.

The Culture of Mutual Love
Mutual love is awareness and a mixed feeling of grateful, thankful and appreciation to others. It enlightens a person about his relationship with another person or the general community. Mutual love is a culture of generosity that creates a loving atmosphere which is full of consideration and consciousness of putting others’ need before one’s own.