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Derived from similar courses that are widely popular in European countries, America and Taiwan, the psychology course aims to cleanse the mind from emotional "pollution" and to excavate true happiness and self-values. In the 1995 year since this course was conducted, many people at the brink of collapse, even families trapped in an emotional dead-zone were rejuvenated. In our society, the pursuing of self-indulged fulfillment often ended up in defeat. As a result, some people get pulled into a deep mental void. The minds become heavily knotted without any means of untangling it, and after sometime, these emotional pains could transcend into physical symptoms. Our aim in this course is to tab into these repressed emotions. Through forgoing some mental rigidity and misgivings, we can, at the end of the day, discover wisdom.   

On the surface, the Psychology Course seems unrelated to the MLM business, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Our colleagues who are long-term students in the course, have demonstrated not only a happiness in their family, body and soul, but a strong and healthy mind that enabled them to take on any challenge, obstacle or defeat in their career.