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Dear Vivien,

I am enclosing a receipt for your recent generous donation to support the work of VisionZambia in the Linda community. With your help we are particularly focussing on the children and their future by building a secondary school. Doreen, the Headteacher tells us that giving access to secondary education will make the difference between these pupils being able to get a job and build a future for themselves or ‘languishing in the compound’. Your donation in 2018 enabled us to build the first classrooms for Grade 10 and 11 pupils. This year we plan to use your donation to help us build the next phase which includes the much needed grade 12 classrooms.

Two of our trustees, Patricia and Gail, have just returned from Zambia where they met the builder and saw the plans for this exciting new project and I have included photographs of their visits to the school for you to see.

With much gratitude to you,

All best wishes
Ghika Savva Project Manager, UK T+44 (0) 7503 186801



感恩您的慷慨解囊,我附上了一张您最近捐献给Vision Zambia的收据。因为有您的帮助,我们格外专注在建立中学以便保证小孩子们的未来。班主任Doreen,告诉我们中学教育能让小孩子们有能力获得一份工作以及建立一个属于自己的未来,而不会再游手好闲。您在2018年的所有捐款让我们可以建立课室给Grade10和11的学生们。今年,我们计划将您的捐款建立更多的课室,其中包括迫切需要的Grade12课室。





Ghika Savva Project Manager, UK T+44 (0) 7503 186801