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Hi again Vivien, We confirm that the donation has arrived into the bank account, and we now attach the receipt document. Please let me know if there is anything else you require. Meanwhile, please give your group our grateful thanks again. If they wish to see more, there is the website: www.visionzambia.co.uk and also a Facebook page called VisionZambia. We appreciate your trust in us, and we give you our full intention that the funds will be used for maximum benefit of the community in Linda, near Lusaka Zambia. With our love and blessings for a very happy Christmastime,


on behalf of VisionZambia trustees


Sue Allen


Vivien您好,我们已确保所有捐款已经进入银行户口,在此附上收据。 如若还有任何要求请让我知道。同时也在此献上最真诚的感谢至您的团队。若想查询更多资料,可点击一下链接: www.visionzambia.co.uk 以及面子书专页 – VisionZambia 万分感恩您对我们的信任,我们也会全心全意将那些捐款最大利益化的用在林达社区,靠近卢萨卡赞比亚。在这圣诞节线上我们的爱与祝福

Sue, VisionZambia受托人代表

Sue Allen