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Dear Vivien,

We are so very grateful for your generous donation to support the building of the secondary school classrooms for Linda School and wanted to let you see what your gift has enabled.

The trustees found and appointed a project manager and builders after their visit in late June and the contract was agreed in July. The photographs attached show the progress of the building since work started in early August with completion expected in 14 weeks meaning that the school could open a Grade 10 class in January 2019. As you can see progress has been rapid and the roof is now on with internal plastering, electrics and windows and doors being the next stage. The Headteacher Doreen Nzila is overcome by your generosity as it is enabling her to fulfil her dream of a secondary school for the pupils of Linda. We are expecting that the work will be completed ahead of schedule and that Sue and Jeff Allen will be able to open the building on their next visit to Lusaka in late October.

We have featured our campaign for the secondary school on the VisionZambia website here and we continue to raise funds to equip the classrooms and provide scholarships for the new secondary school pupils.

I’ll be in touch again when Sue and Jeff visit the new building.
With all best wishes and thanks

Ghika Savva
Project Manager, UK



我们非常感谢您的慷慨捐赠,以支持 LINDA 学校的中学教室建设,并希望让您看到您所捐赠的为我们做了什么。

受托人在 6 月底到访,并找到和委任了一名工程经理及建筑商,且于 7 月达成签约。附件中的照片显示自 8 月份建筑工程开始以来的进度,预计在 14 周内完成。这意味着学校可以在 2019年 1 月开始为 10年级开班。您可以看到进展很快,屋顶现在已经开始内部抹灰,电流和门窗是下一个阶段。DOREEN NZILA 校长被您的慷慨所打动,因为这使她能够实现对 LINDA 学校学生的中学梦想。我们预计这项工程将提前完成。SUE 和 JEFF ALLEN 在10月份到访卢萨卡时将能启用这座建筑。

我们在 VISIONZAMIA 网站(https://visionzambia.charitycheckout.co.uk/cf/A-Secondary-School-for-Linda ) 上展示我们的中学活动,我们将继续筹集资金来装备教室并为新中学生提供奖学金。

当 SUE 和 JEFF ALLEN 访问新建筑时,我会再次与您联系。


Ghika Savva
Project Manager, UK