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Dear Vivien,

Thanks to the generous funding from you and your team, Jeff and I were privileged to be at the opening for the new classroom block at Linda Community School on October 29. This was a big celebration for the school, and I hope you have seen some of the pictures on facebook or perhaps on our website. I attach a few more here.

The headteacher Doreen Nzila is thrilled that there will be secondary students starting in January 2019. This is the first secondary school in the whole community, and it gives hope to so many. It means there will be fewer young people on the streets without education, and there will be more young people with skills to contribute and reach their potential.

You and your group have truly made a big difference in this precious corner of the world, and I hope you feel that we at VisionZambia have fulfilled your trust in us. Please let me know if you want any more information from us that you can share with your team.

With gratitude and love from our group to your group,

for VisionZambia



感谢您和您团队的慷慨资助,Jeff和我有幸于十月二十九日参与在Linda Community School举行的新教学楼的开幕仪式。这对于学校来说是一项很大的庆祝活动,欢迎浏览我们面子书或官方网站上的相关照片。仅此再附上一些。

班主任Doreen Nzila非常高兴2019年1月份开始将有中学生上课。这是当地整个社区的第一间中学,为人们带来了希望。这意味着街道上将减少许多没受过教育的青少年,并将会有更多青少年能做出贡献并发挥其潜力。

您与您的团队在这个宝贵的地方发挥了重要的作用,我们愿意在Vision Zambia实现您对我们的信任。如若您需要更多资讯来与您的团队分享,请与我们联系。


Vison Zambia