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Dear Vivien,

I have just returned from a visit to the Linda community in Zambia and wanted to thank you for the generous gift you have made to Vision Zambia received on 20th February.

Being in Lusaka enabled me to see at first hand the difference that your support is making to the pupils of Linda school. The first Grade 10 class opened in January and 55 pupils have taken up this great opportunity to improve their prospects. Being in education from Grades 10 to 12 will enable these children to go to college and gain better paid jobs. We have started a scholarship programme and I met the first pupils to hear their stories last week. One of them Emanuel told me that he is one of 12 children living with his Aunt and he had earned the 900kwacha he needed for his Grade 9 fees by doing piecework earning about 35kw a day. It was very moving to hear of the efforts that these children make to access education and how much easier we can make their lives by providing this support. I am putting together a video to send to show you what is happening now in Linda and how your gift is making a difference to this community. In the meantime I attach a photograph of the secondary school building that I took last week and a receipt for you.

I’ll be in touch again soon,
With my thanks and best wishes


Ghika Savva
Project Manager, UK
T+44 (0) 7503 186801


我刚从Zambia的Linda社区回来,并想向您在二月份20号为Vision Zambia所做的慷慨礼物表达谢意。

在Lusaka我亲眼看到,您的支持对Linda学校里的学生所带来的不同。十年级的第一班将在一月开课,有55位学生已经抓住这个改善前景的好机会。就读于10年级到12年级的学生将有机会继续升上学院和获得更好的工作机会。我们已经开始颁发奖学金,上个星期我也遇到了第一批学生并且听了他们的故事。其中一位叫Emanuel的跟我说,他和另外11位小孩住在阿姨家,他也通过做一天35kw的计件工作获得了900 kw的收入来作为九年级的学费。非常感动听到这些孩子为获得教育所做的努力,我们通过提供他们的支持让他们的生活更轻易。我正在整理一段视频以向您显示Linda现在所发生的一切以及您的礼物如何为这个社区带来改变。同时,我将附上一张我上个星期拍的中学建筑照片和收据给您。



Ghika Savva
Project Manager, UK
T+44 (0) 7503 186801