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Dear Vivien,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing on behalf of VisionZambia to introduce myself to you as the new administrator.

Sue Allen has told me of all the wonderful work you do for our charity. With this in mind we all wanted to our express deepest thanks for helping us fund the new school extension which is happening right now.

The build is going well and the construction team are on target to finish for the new academic term in September.

The extension will comprise four classrooms, one staff room with toilets of course.

This is vital so that the primary school children can complete their education in Linda enabling them to move on to further education or more fruitful jobs and careers.

Please see herewith a recent video report and some photos of when the build began on the 4th May.

Sue and Jeff Allen would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to you and we will be in touch again soon with more updates.

With kind regards,
Janinka Diverio




在此我代表Vision Zambia向您介绍我是新的管理员。

Sue Allen告诉我您对我们慈善机构所做出的所有贡献。我们会谨记于心,也衷心感谢您对正在进行中的新学校扩建的资助。





Sue and Jeff Allen再次衷心感谢您,我们会很快与您联系并提供最新资讯。

Janinka Diverio