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'Break Your Record Month' Achievers

Lunch Banquet 2017

‘Break Your Record Month’ Lunch Banquet is traditionally held on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. At the year-end closing (December 2016), any Seiketsian whose December PV exceeded their lowest PV in February, March or May by 1,500PV or more, 5,500PV or more and 10,500PV or more will be invited on stage to receive a medal of recognition.

One needs only to enter through the “Pintu Kejayaan” and be greeted by the thunderous cheers and slogans of every attendee in the hall to experience the excitement in the air. The lion dance troupe added plenty of energy and vibrant festivities to the event.

Other than enjoying delicacies, the MLM leaders also sang to their hearts’ content with the karaoke in a totally awesome atmosphere.

Every winner was all smiles as their hard work had paid off and the recognition was the icing on the cake.

Congratulations to Seiketsians Chai Sau Chin from Perak for breaking record 105,845PV and won the grand prize of “Top of The Top”!

The finale kicked off with a lucky draw that brought the night to a close and everyone left a winner!