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2018 Annual Award Presentation Ceremony

Annual Award Presentation Ceremony is not just a glorious event, it is a great day for all MLM Seiketsians to receive their yearly achievement awards. All MLM Seiketsians from around the country gather to witness the glory moment. All guests were each presented with a SOD Essence worth RM 305.20 as a ‘thank you’ gift for gracing the event. Booths were also set up outside the hall showcasing many of Seiketsu’s products for those interested to find out more.

Many attendees roll three identical figures and successfully won attractive prizes including Cosmos Pressure Cooker worth RM1,587.80.

CEO of Seiketsu Leong Zong and Chairlady Leong Dong co-chaired the opening ceremony.

Senior Manager who gets the highest achievement in a month will be qualified as a Senior Star, meanwhile Crown Managers or Diamond Crown Managers will be qualified as a Crown Star. Congratulations to Seiketsian Lim Mei Hooi won the most times Crown Star in 12 months and achieved Super Crown Star.

The dance performed by Youth League Multi Success Group (YLMSG) has demonstrated an active and dynamic style of youth!

To be the best, you need to learn from the best. Our brand new programme entitled A Date with the Super Elites specially invited Super Elites Lee Kian Sh’ang, Wong Han Khang and Ng Kooi Koy to share their philosophies of success. Super Elit Lee Kian Sh’ang used a short film on fertilisation of an ovum to explain how everyone are already elites in life even before they are born; Super Elit Wong Han Khang shared how changing his mindset helped transform himself and steer him towards the right path of success, while Super Elit Ng Kooi Koy shared his business-building experience at Seiketsu and how his trust in the marketing plan and leaders led him and his team members to become millionaires!

Upon upgrading Diamond Crown Managers, you will win all available bonuses and incentives in the company. Congratulations to all new Diamond Crown Managers who will be embracing a life of abundance!

The dance performances and drama brought stunning visual entertainment for all participants.

MLM leaders were divided into 6 teams and grouped into 3 pairs to participate in a friendly match. The teams lead by Ng Kooi Koy & Sin Peek Leng, Wong Han Khang & Chia Hoi Hoi and Ng Che Kong & Loh Chiou Luan successfully defeat their opponents in November and December 2017, walk away as the winner teams of ‘Heroes Create the Trend of Times’ competition. The winners waving the Hero’s Flag on stage was a sight to behold!

Diamond Crown Managers successfully nurtured 1 first generation Crown Manager will win a Medal Single Diamond, while nurtured 2 first generation will win a Double Diamond Medal.

After four years, Lee Kian Sh'ang & Moo Kim Yoon have create the highest PV record in December 2017, total 177,080PV and winning the New Record Award.

Worked hard for a year, the winners of the Top 10 Competition finally went on big stage to receive their gold chains and gold medals, but also shared their invaluable success tips as well as joy in winning.

Lee Kian Sh’ang & Moo Kim Yoon, grand winner of this season’s Top 10 Competition, were the focus of all. MLM leaders of KL & Selangor area where they are based were invited on stage to share in this joyous and glorious occasion.

Received at least 9 Black Gold Insignia from January to December will be awarded as Diamanté Elite. If receive 12 Black Gold Insignia will be Super Diamanté Elite.

Seiketsu has held steadfast to its philosophy of “Love All, Serve All” and donated RM129,000 to the charity groups, Yayasan Latihan Insan Istimewa and Woh Peng Cheang Seah Dialysis Centre.

Lucky draw session has presented 100 Pressure Cooker each worth RM1587.80.

All Super Ang Pau receivers are cheerful and joy.