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Taiwan Tour – Kaohsiung and Tainan

MLM Seiketsians who qualified for the free incentive trip visited Taiwan this October to enjoy the perfect Autumn in Kaohsiung and Tainan. Surrounded by seas on all sides, Taiwan is known for its friendly and hospitable people, beautiful sights and interesting culture. During the trip, Seiketsians visited many special attractions such as the Pier2 Art Centre, the Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park, Cijin island, Meinong Folk Village as well as the famous Ruifeng Night Market for delicious Taiwanese delicacies.

The Pier2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung is the culmination of hard work by local artists to breathe new life into an abandoned warehousing district by converting it into an expansive art centre. The place has become the venue for art and cultural activities in southern Taiwan and regularly hosts cultural and creative themed activities.

Seketsians not only took countless photographs in mesmerising places of interest, but also tasted many delectable Taiwanese delicacies. The Chien-Yen Shabu Shabu was easily one of the most memorable meals!

When Seiketsians arrived at the Ten Drum Ciaotou Creative Park, they were greeted by the sight of a huge chimney. They were then treated to an energetic drumming and percussions performance by the talented artists and even got to try their hands on the drums with the guidance of a master. The tour then brought our intrepid Seiketsians to the Meinong Folk Village for a stroll down the historic town for a trip back in time. They also got to try their hands at making Hakka Lei Cha and savoured the satisfaction of the Lei Cha they have made with their own hands!

The trip to Dakeng Leisure Farm gave Seiketsians a chance to experience the idyllic life on the farm while basking in the amazing sights from the mountain vantage point. As night fell, everyone got together to enjoy a scrumptious farmland dinner and ended the night with some karaoke action.

The Guanziling Hot Spring and Mud Pool completed the natural experience with ultimate pampering in rejuvenating hot spring. After lunch, Seiketsians made their way to the Chimei Museum to take photos for memory.

The next stop was The Castle of Golden Pineapple where everyone got to try their hands at making their own pineapple cakes. After getting their fill of delicious pineapple cakes, the group made their way to the Gushan Ferry Pier and boarded a ferry towards Cijin island while enjoying the beautiful scenery. This amazing trip gave Seiketsians a taste of the local culture and hospitality as everyone enjoyed the wonderful trip, took home beautiful memories and recharged themselves for the challenges ahead!