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The constant discharging of smoke from various industries and discharging of carbon monoxide from motor vehicles and so on, had indeed increased the poor air pollution throughout the world.
Due to the modernization and increasing new technologies, the air environment surrounding our lifestyles is more and more contaminants. "Fresh air" has become a luxury for those living in the town. Not forgetting the exposure to a multitude of chemicals in our diet like the pesticildes applied to the vegetables and use of antibiotics and growth hormones in livestock. Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector has the combination of anion and ozone functions. It produces "fresh air" in the living room 24 hours as fresh as the air from the mountain and forest. Chemicals in meat or vegetables which are understandably harmful to health could easily be removed after managed by ozone. It could also maintain the freshness and natural tastes of the food. Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector is your good choice in maintaining good quality of lift.


Disinfect Water 
Impure substances and germs in water neutralized and destroyed through oxidization.

Ozone disinfects germs such as 0-157, cholera, colon bacillus, salmonella, vibrio, staphylococcus, and pseudomonas aeruginosa by strong oxidization.

By neutralizing residual agricultural chemicals and harmful elements on various vegetable and fruit through oxidization, it reduces health hazards.

It is outstanding in deodorizing foul odours of refrigerators, food, indoor, bathroom, footwear, etc.

Air Purification 
By eliminating cigarette smoke, and other unpleasant odours, the air is negatively-charged, becomes clean and refreshed as air in a forest.

Auto-controlled Sensor
According to the status of air pollution, the ionizing output of "Air Clean" function is automatically controlled.

Pollution Indicator
Current status of air pollution is indicted automatically following the pollution sensor.

Safety Device 
If the grill is detached from the main body, it automatically shuts off for your safety.

Certification & Test Report


Q & A


Q: How actually does Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector destroy bacteria?

A: Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector disintegrates the glucose oxidise which is needed by bacteria for internal oxidation of glucose and acts directly on bacteria and viruses damaging the cell walls as well as DNA and RNA and consequently the substance metabolism and reproduction process of bacteria are destroyed. At the same time it can penetrate into the tissue of cell membrane bringing about permeability distortion and causing solubility death to cells. This can help achieve the goal of thoroughly and permanently destroying all the microbes in the body and this is completed just in a short while only.


Q: While Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector can kill bacteria and viruses, will it kill healthy cells too?

A: No. As healthy cells have a strong system for balancing enzymes, it is harmless to healthy cells.


Q: Which is more effective, Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector or clean water, in washing away the residues of pesticides on vegetables and fruits?

A: Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector will continuously neutralize and disintegrate the residues of pesticides on vegetables and fruits. Finally it will turn the toxin or odour and colours of organic pesticides into non-toxic, colours of organic pesticides into non-toxic, colourless and scentless carbon dioxide, water and oxygen that will remain in the water or permeate into the air. Its effects surpass that of water by a lot.


Q: What are the advantages when Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector and anions (negative ions) are used together?

A: When Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector and anions are used together, the effect of arresting dust particles and smog will be enhanced. As smog carries positive charge, it will be absorbed by anion released. Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector will in turn disintegrate the chemical mixture in the smog like nicotine, tar etc. Seiketsu Anion & Ozone Disinfector also has the effect of killing bacteria and removing odours.