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Simple Beauty Treatment, Maintain Beauty Forever
The safety of this skin stimulus was tested and certified by researchers of clinical experiments in Korea.
It was certified as one of earliest and best machine for developing beautiful skin by IEC in Korea.
The effect of this machine was also tested by Hiroshima College, regarded as one of the highest authority in biotechnology in Japan. The result of test was reported on Nikkei NEWS in Japan, establishing the scientific results of this device.

Featuring 4 Innovative Technologies
* Galvanic Technology
* Far Infrared Technology
* Vibration Technology

* Titanium Coating

SOD Essence
The skin care product of this generation brings unexpected multiple functions. The normal skin care product only moist the skin and could not prevents signs of ageing.
SOD Essence patented mechanism counteracts this damaging effect with a powerful synergy of plant ingredients that work on the upper & deeper layers of the skin, restoring the cell’s ability to regenerate. This low-molecular-unit antioxidants protect skin, support moisture retention and improve its resilience. Skin glows with vibrant health & radiance.

Active Ingredients
Green Tea, White Tea, Bacillus Subtilus Natto, Rice Bran Extract, Soybean Peptide Extract, Phellodendron Bark Extract, Scutellariae Root Extract, Water-Soluble Collagen, Hydrolysed Egg White Protein, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol.

* Natural Plant and Bean Extracts
* Multi Ingredients for a Synergistic Effect
* Ancient Formula that is Tried & Tested
* Advanced Processing Technology
* Devoid of any Synthetic Colourings, Fragrances or Additives
* Prevents free radicals from destroying skin cells
* Slows down collagen damage, smoothen the fine lines
* Inhibits oxidation of melanin, thus reduces formation of pigmentations and age spots
* Improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and hydration
* Boosts cell metabolism and regeneration
* Strengthens skin’s elasticity and resilience
* Nourishes skin cells
* Improves skin texture and radiance
* Evens out skin tone
Spread a thin layer of the SOD Essence over face & neck, Use this first line of defence before any other moisturizer.

Q & A

Q: What is Galvanic Technology?

A: Galvanic is a technology that regulates 220V alternating current in human body, enabling the human body to accept bioelectricity easily. It enhances blood circulation on the face as well as expedites metabolism; clears the lymph and drains out the excessive water and toxins; effectively strengthens and enhances the face muscles. In the cleansing procedure, the anions draw out stubborn dirt in the skin. According to the researches by dermatologists, most of the dirt accumulated on the cortex layer, such as fat, cosmetics residue and others, carries a positive charge. Ordinary facial products only cleanse the surface and it is difficult for these products to remove dirt in deeper layers. In the anion skin purifying process, which is based on the principle of "different charges attract", can effectively soften and attract most of the dirt in the cortical layer and penetrate deeper to cleanse the pores, therefore, cleansing the deeper layers. In the nutrition penetration procedure, the cations can help channel nutrition into deep layers of the skin. The nutritious essence of the skincare products that is applied daily can only penetrate the surface of stratum corneum and consequently, cells in the deep layers are deprived of nutrition. The cations process can produce a large amount of cation flows which carries the cellular essence into deep layers of the skin, allowing cellular essence to penetrate the cells in the deep layers of the skin, thus, expediting the skin renewal cycle, promoting blood circulation and restoring the elasticity of collagen fibers that help reduce wrinkles and tone muscles. 

Q: What are far infrared rays?

A: Far infrared rays are infrared rays with a wavelength of 3-1000 microns. Life science researches have proven that a human body is a source of far infrared radiation. It can absorb as well as radiate far infrared ray. Therefore, when far infrared ray is shined on the skin with its frequency equivalent to the motion frequency of water molecules between cellular molecules, the resonance effect will set in. Its energy is the highest and can be absorbed by any biological body, resulting in increased temperature in the deep layers of subcutaneous tissues, dilated vessels, smoother blood flow and improved blood circulation and subsequently, tissue nutrition is enhanced. The tissue metabolism is activated and the amount of oxygen supplied to the cells is increased. The ability of cells regeneration is fortified and thus, achieving the aim of renewing skin cells while inflammation is kept under control and localised. 

Q: What is titanium?

A: Titanium is a pure metal. Due to its purity, when a substance is in contact with it, no chemical reaction will be produced. In other words, because of its high resistance to corrosion and stability despite being in contact with the skin over a prolonged period, its intrinsic quality is not affected at all. Therefore, it will not cause any skin oversensitivity. Titanium is also dubbed as the “pro-bio metal”. Titanium being a non-magnetic metal will not be magnetised in a large magnetic field and is also non-toxic.  

Q: What is SOD?

A: SOD is an enzyme. Its chemical name is superoxide dismutase. Its main functions are anti-aging and prevent the accumulation of peroxides. It can disintegrate excessive peroxides. This is the reason why SOD is an important ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic products.