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Seikesu Gold Pack II consists of 1 fashionable Induction Hot Plate made form France, 1 set 16cm and 1 set 24cm Austenitic Steel pots an also 1 set Austenitic Steel Wok & Cover made from ltaly. The induction Hot Plate is formed by using a transparency ceramic and it is easy to operate by only a touch on the surface for cooling instruction. Whereas it’s automatic function includes "boiling water, steam, milk, soup, stew, and keep warm and pressure cooking". Additional functions "preset", "lock" and so forth.

The Austenitic Steel pots and wok characterized by the patented "Turbo induction" technology and is world recognized for its "pattern rights". When it is pit onto the induction Hot Plate, it heats about twice as fast as the ordinary electrical pots. Its exclusive design suits every cooking like boil, fry and steam and so on.

Certification & Test Report


Q & A


Q: What is Turbo Induction?

A: Turbo Induction is the newest technological created induction pot. It is manufactured by the renowned Italian company; INOXIA, with its famously produced stainless steel pots in the world. This technology has obtained its ‘patent rights’ throughout the world. The addi­tional circular lines added at the bottom of the pot is to increased the spreading of heat evenly. With this it could save the time of cooking and energy.  It has been tested and proven to save cooking time by twice compared with the ordinary pots. 


Q: Will the G-Pack II Induction Pot consume large power supply?

A: No. The power for each function differs. Each function consumes moderate power. When the pot heated, it requires more power, subsequently when the heat spreads, the power will reduced. More­over, cooking time is short, save energy and most important save cost.


Q: Will the induction pot produces radioactive?  Will it harm our health?

A: Every electrical apparatus produces radioactive; including electric fan, refrigerator, computer, television, telephone and all household electrical items. The radioactive produced by the induction pot is below the border line same as the rest of the household electrical items. Furthermore, the releasing rate is lower than refrigerator, computer, television and so on. That is why it is harmless to health. Modern societies of today are exceptional. Everyone including small children are using hand­phones that produces high radioactive.


Q: What is the difference between induction pot and electronic pot?

A: The main electronic pot machine heats up then it passes to the pot. Whereas, the main induction pot machine will never heat up. The rolled wire in the main machine produces magnetic wave to shake the steel molecules at the bottom of the pot. The molecule shakes approximately 3600 times per seconds. When the steel molecule speed up, it produces warm energy. While in the process of cooking, the main machine does not heat up, which means cooking in a fresh and relaxing environment. Besides, the France Induction Pot ceramic has a smooth, flat and even surface. It has beauty, is successful and able to prevent the flow of gravy or soup into the induction pot. With this, it is very safe to cook.