This Crown Managers’ Meeting was held at KLGCC - Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, Bukit Kiara. After enjoying their morning tea, Seiketsians entered the venue punctually with enthusiasm, while chanting the slogan “Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough further!”

It’s always Break Your Record Month at the end of the year. Seiketsu’s CEO Dr. Ronnie Leong delivered the opening speech and kick off the “Break Your Record Month Competition” by hitting the gong of good luck.

Chiew Hooi Foon and Lim Bee Wah gave their sharing during the Sharing & Exchange Session for Mutual Success.

Au Cheng Yue gave a speech on “Perseverance Leads to Success”, Lim Keh Ee’s speech is titled “Achieve Success Together with Seiketsu”. Cheah Shwu Hooi shared a speech on “I am successful, because I want to be successful”, while Ms. Jo Lim shared on the topic “Seiketsu Good Harvest Year”.

Besides the launching of next year’s Annual Award Presentation Ceremony, there’s also announcements on the results of “Top 10” Competition, Overseas Trip and Black Gold & Platinum Night. Three product testimonials sharers were also invited to share on stage their after-use experiences.

After having a delicious lunch, Youth League Multi Success Group led everyone to move their body by dancing to “I Believe”. Followed by a series of games, everyone displayed their focus and enthusiasm, and had a great time. Afterwards, they also shared among their groups about their personal insights and gains.

The groups below are placed at third place, second place and first place respectively (from top to bottom), congratulations!A fulfilling and enjoyable meeting concluded with a group photo.

This year, Seiketsu organized a two-days-one-night team building event for its IFMs! Everyone gathered at Seiketsu HQ early in the morning, and boarded the bus to Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson. Such a rare opportunity for all IFMs to gather together, there were endless topics between everyone. Upon reaching the destination, everyone enjoyed their breakfast prepared by the hotel.

The team building organizing company designed four games for Seiketsu, and during each game, every IFM completed the tasks by working together. The potentials of each IFM is also discovered and displayed through the games, the execution by team members are enhanced, communication between everyone is improved and team spirit is cultivated.


This year’s Annual Dinner is not like the ones in the past! This time, everyone gathered at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson for the annual dinner and a two-days-one-night team building event. The emcees this round are IFMs Shermaine and Robert. Being their first time hosting the event as emcees, their performances are commendable, even the scripts are completed with both their effort in interviewing and editing!

Madam Vivien Leong-Wood gave the opening speech to start off the Annual Dinner. During the Sharing & Exchange Session for Mutual Success segment, IFMs Ang Wei Wei, Hon Chi Erik Ng and Tay Ken Yang shared details on their lives in Seiketsu.

Next, it's the Excellent Performance IFM Award Presentation. In 2021, there are IFMs Vong Li Ying, Chan Chi Jian, Leong Syd Sheng, Ng Pei Yee and Wong Mun Jeng, congratulations!

The award receivers for 2022 are IFMs Cheong Wen Gie, Chan Chai Kin, Vong Li Ying, Leong Syd Sheng and Charianon A/P Eh Chan, congratulations!

In 2023 there are only two Excellent Performance IFM Award receivers, congratulations to IFMs Chan Chi Jian and Wong Ah Beng!

 During the Education Session, IFMs Kate and Carine gave speeches on the topic of "Together We Are Strong".

The “Service Award Presentation” segment was truly touching. A group of people who have been by Seiketsu’s sides through thick and thin, with unwavering commitment, it was incredibly moving!

Seiketsu held a Good Things Come in Pairs Carnival in October this year to show appreciation for the ongoing support from Seiketsu customers. Early in the morning, our internal team was fully prepared to welcome the guests, each guest will receive a bottle of Dish Wash and a bottle of Steel Glo.

Every floor at Seiketsu HQ are setup with displays of Cosmos Series products. On the ground floor, our Internal Family Members demonstrated the use of Starry Non-stick Wok & Pan by making Chinese Pancake (Mee Hoon Kueh); On the first and second floors, various Cosmos Series products were demonstrated to cook Braised Chicken with Bitter Gourd, make cakes, Dodol and so on. The chefs' humorous demonstration and explanations made the guests burst into laughter. The convenience shown while using the products made everyone want to buy them, and everyone quickly went over to the counters to make their purchases, and went home satisfied and happy!

Among Seiketsu’s competitions, the one that everyone loves the most is the one that awards free tickets to travel overseas! This year, the destination is Yogyakarta! Yogyakarta is Indonesia’s important center for culture and education, a place where traditional Javanese culture is displayed, and a famous tourist destination, with renowned attractions like the Borobudur Temple and so on. Seiketsians flew to Yogyakarta excitedly! The company arranged for everyone to stay in a hotel with beautiful scenery, and with streets and shops nearby for everyone's shopping convenience.

Seiketsians at the black sand beach – Parangtritis, riding the beach buggy, enjoying the sunset.

Built in the 9th century during the reign of Syailendra Dynasty, the Borobudur temple is one of the World’s Seven Wonders, it is also the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The temple stands majestically on top of a hill, overlooking over lush green fields and distant hills, it is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. After, everyone made their way to 3km east of Borobudur, to Mendut Buddhist Monastery.

On the third day, Seiketsians made a trip to the most active volcano, Gunung Merapi, from Kali Adem Village, to enjoy the view, they also visited the Merapi’s Museum Mini Sisa Hartaku.

Next, everyone reached the extremely beautiful Pengger Pine Forest. The two art installations, the “Panawacara” and the “Cetta Abhipraya”, built with only using branches and twigs to create the unique shapes, put yourself in them and you can watch the sunrise over a sea of clouds, nightfall and the bright lights of the city. The Pinus Pengger forest is also very majestic, towering pine trees can be seen everywhere, some of the branches are even tied together to create natural seats and decorations.

On the fourth day, after having breakfast at the hotel, Seiketsians packed their bags and left the hotel. Before heading to the airport, Seiketsians bought a lot of local treats and souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia.

This September, Seiketsu held its Mid Year Award Presentation Ceremony at HXC Sekinchan. Product display counters were set up to allow customers to enquire further and make purchases. The Seiketsu Leaders wore sashes and took beautiful pictures at the scene.

Firstly, CEO Dr. Ronnie Leong presented the sashes and Crown Manager Certificates to the new Crown Managers, congratulations! Next, Mr. Richard Teo presented awards to the winners of the “Best of the Best” and “Best New Sponsor Elite Award” competitions, congratulations to the winners! Breaking through yourself is a long process, it requires perseverance and patience. Don’t give up because of temporary setbacks, keep putting in effort and persevere! Congratulations to the winners of the “Breakthrough Yourself competition, congratulations also to Lee Kian Sh’ang and Moo Kim Yoon for becoming the champion of “Breakthrough Yourself” competition!

Also present that day were Mdm. Lim Poh Lai, Mdm. Wong Mooi Ling, Mr. Leon Leong, Mdm. Cheah Shwu Hooi, Mdm. Moo Kim Yoon, Mdm. Ong Sze Peng and Mr. Tan Lip Soon, who gave motivational speeches, benefiting all Seiketsians.

Commercial time! Ms. Carine Leong, Ms. Jo Lim and Mr. Leon Leong directed interesting plays, the lively performances also made it easier for guests to understand the functions and benefits of Seiketsu’s products. The four product testimonials sharers invited that day also shared their after- use experiences and opinions about the products, everyone praised the trustworthiness of Seiketsu’s products, and believes that they’re worth the value!

A spectacular dance performance added excitement to the event. Seiketsu, in the Lucky Draw session, has given away 5 sets of Super Induction Package and 5 sets of Blacsemenuro Vegetable Capsule, congratulations to all the lucky winners for bringing home the grand prizes!

Tonight’s theme is red apparel with denim series to celebrate “A Wild West Summer Extravaganza”, everyone wore their well-prepared and beautiful costumes to attend on time.

    During the game session, everyone played “Why is it You”, “Who is the Spy” and “I Guess, I Guess, I Guess”, and everyone had a great time.

In the end, we celebrated the birthdays of those born in August together.

This year’s 20th Diamond Crown Managers’ Seminar & Training was held at Courtyard by Marriott Melaka. At 9am sharp, all DCMs gathered at the hotel and started the day full of activities by singing Negaraku and Seiketsu Dream.

Seiketsu’s CEO Dr. Ronnie Leong’s powerful speech empowering all Seiketsians. He also brought good news, which is starting August 5th this year, the Sales Bonus will be included in the calculation for DCM Cultivate Fund! This change to the already incredible marketing plan is like icing on the cake, congratulations to all DCMs in receiving even more prosperity! Believe in the power of “belief”. Believing is strong, doubting will only hold back your ability, and faith is power. Ms. Jo Lim can always provide insights that empower everyone’s mind and soul, a mere one-hour speech is enough to provide energy to sustain everyone for the whole year! Besides that, as the marketing plan has been enhanced, Ms. Jo Lim also took time to explain the updated marketing plan in more detail.

During the motivational speeches, Ms. Carine Leong gave a speech on “Everyone is No. 1”. Everyone has limitless potential and ability, no matter in which field, we should always aim to be in the first place. Mr. Kheu Chow Thon, who has over 30 years of experience at Seiketsu, shared his personal experiences with everyone, with the theme of “The Sun Always Shines After the Rain”. The unhappiness and setbacks in life are temporary, we must maintain optimism and patience in adversity, when faced with difficulties and challenges, we should be persistent and hopeful, believing that beautiful days are awaiting us in the future.

If you do not take action, then dreams will forever remain as dreams. Mr. Wong Han Khang’s sharing of “My Future is not A Dream” fully expresses his eagerness and confidence in a better future, motivating us to pursue our goals, but at the same time stay grounded in reality, and make full preparations for any possible challenges and difficulties. Mr. Ng Kooi Koy, on the other hand, gave a speech on “Success Comes to Those Who Strive”, he believes that if you put in effort and persist, unafraid and bold in welcoming challenges, there will be a chance to succeed.

The DCMs let loose and danced to “I Believe”, the beat of the music makes everyone high-spirited, and able to absorb more during the motivational speeches.

The DCMs shared their dreams with each other, dare to think before taking action, dare to act and dare to succeed!

With energy fully recharged, each group began selecting the participant for one of the games, “Who is the Spy”, a group photo was taken, and everyone collected their room keys and went back to their room to enjoy the hotel’s facilities.

This year, Seiketsu hosted the 83rd Crown Managers’ Meeting at IBIS Hotel. In the morning, the group leaders arrived earlier to draw their seat numbers, and at 9am sharp, everyone made their way into the venue, and sang Negaraku and Seiketsu Dream. Ms. Jo Lim is the emcee of the event.

During the Share Interact For Mutual Success session, Ong Poh Ai, Goh Swee Hwa and Kan Cha Chin shared about their personal experiences, everything that they’ve been through on the path of Seiketsu. Besides that, everyone also gained great inspiration from the speeches, “Dare to Dream” by Lee Choon Siong, “Dare to Act” by Lee Kian Sh’ang, and “Dare to Succeed” by Ng Hon Chan!

Ms. Carine and Mr. Leon shared about “How to Create Your Personal Brand” in a humorous and fun way by inserting short sketches, this type of new and fun way of presentation made everyone had a deeper impression with the new knowledge, easier to absorb and put them into use! Besides that, four testimonials were also shared regarding their after-use experiences.

The emcee announced the latest list of qualifiers for various competitions, an overseas travel competition, and the “Table of the Greatest” competition held in June. On that day, we also looked back on the highlights from the Black Gold & Platinum Night and the 2022 Diamond Crown Managers’ Seminar & Training, at the same time announcing the competition for the 2023 Diamond Crown Managers’ Seminar & Training.

Followed up, it’s everyone’s favourite game sessions! Work hard, play hard! Everyone gave in their all in every game, eager to win the games. Teamwork spirit between the members is built in the process, everyone advancing towards the same goal! Besides that, three lucky winners were also drawn for Seiketsu’s 36th Anniversary Carnival of Joy, congratulations!


Seiketsu held a 4-day 3-night leisure and learning trip to Thailand from the 11th to the 14th of May 2023. This round, the Seiketsians embarked on a journey to the place of origin of the company’s star product - Blacsemenuro Vege-Cap – to get the latest updates about this amazing product. The morning started off early as everyone gathered excitedly at the airport to board the flight to Chiang Mai. The group checked into the cozy IBIS Styles Chiangmai Hotel and had a short rest before heading out for a scrumptious northern-style Thai dinner.

The second day kicked off at full steam as the group made its first stop at Chiangmai University to meet Professor Prachya Kongtawelert, the formulator of Blacsemenuro Vege-Cap, to learn about the latest development of the product. Professor Prachya’s lively presentation set a joyous mood for the audience; the subsequent Q&A session provided Seiketsians the perfect opportunity to clear up any questions they had. After the session, the group visited the Royal Park Rajapruek to immerse themselves in the serene environment amidst the backdrop of birds’ chirps and the exotic flowers. The sightseeing shuttle buses made touring the large park an idyllic experience while the riot of colours and fragrance of flowers in the air were a feast for the senses. After dinner, the group headed off to a night market for shopping.

On the third day, the group set off to Chiang Rai to visit the awe-inspiring and majestic White Temple. The temple is famed for its white paint and fragments of mirrored glass embedded in the building’s exterior, which give it an otherworldly charm like a jade palace descends on Earth. It signifies the purity of Buddha and the wisdom on which Buddha is shining upon the universe. After leaving the temple, the group headed to the Long Neck Village and were instantly transported to an era untouched by the modern world. The people in the village still live in houses made of bamboo and mud without electricity and municipal water supply; and they survive on subsistence farming. The final stop was a visit to the Huay Pla Kang Temple.

The fourth and final day began with a visit to the Three Monument, Chiangmai Luang Temple and Doi Suthep Temple. All Seiketsians celebrated the birthdays of those born in May as well as Mother’s Day! The fulfilling and rewarding trip drew to a close as the group made their way back home, richer in both knowledge and experience.



Seiketsu is 36 years old this year! A three-day carnival was held at Seiketsu Headquarters to celebrate the festivity with everyone! IFMs have decorated the carnival venue with colourful decorations, creating a festive atmosphere. Early morning, IFMs were all fully prepared to welcome the arrival of guests, each guest is given a cute "bunny cake", a bottle of HHP3 and a bottle of HHP4. Two cute lucky bunnies were also standing at the main entrance welcoming guests, their lively appearance are loved by many, and everyone approached them for interaction and photo taking.

Each floor at Seiketsu Headquarters were setup with different product series counters, where APPs were providing product demonstrations, testings and explanations. The effort given into the demonstration and explanation by the APPs allowed guests to have a deeper understanding and confidence in our products, on top of the ongoing promotion that day, a lot of orders were placed! Besides that, during the carnival, for any purchase reaching RM1000 is eligible for 1 lucky draw chance, purchase reaching RM2000 is eligible for 2 lucky draw chances and so on. There were 3 grand prizes for the lucky draw, the first prize is the Seiketsu Air Purifier and its Accessories Set worth RM5,886, second prize is the Super Induction Pack worth RM1,930, and third prize is the My Apple Smart Rice Cooker worth RM 1,028. We hereby wish that you're one of the three lucky winners and bringing the grand prizes home!

A grand hall, a meticulously decorated venue, a colourful stage, bright spotlights and a passionate song titled “Lonely Warrior”, kickstarted the 2023 Annual Award Presentation Ceremony! Mr. Ronnie Leong and Madam Vivien Leong-Wood led everyone onstage to wave the Hero Flag, all Seiketsians brought and waved their own flags, what an inspiring scene! The Opening Ceremony for the Annual Award Presentation is officiated with the release of confetti by Mr. Ronnie Leong, Madam Vivien Leong-Wood, Mr. Richard Teo, Mr. Ngim, Mr. John Anthony Wood, Mr. Satoshi Mori, Mr. Thavisith Pongprapansiri and Mr. Vince Chua, Seiketsu has also prepared souvenirs to be given to the three special guests.

This time, the ceremony is hosted by Mr. Leon Leong, Ms. Carine Leong and Mr. Jarryl Ng, and the opening speech is given by Madam Vivien Leong-Wood.

There’s a lot of delicious food that day, everyone is also taking pictures in the beautifully decorated venue.

Diamond Crown Manager is the highest rank in Seiketsu, and it’s also the target of all Seiketsians, once promoted to Diamond Crown Manager, meaning there’s a lot more abundance waiting to be achieved! Congratulations to all the Seiketsians promoted to Diamond Crown Managers!

From January to December, the Senior Manager with the highest Personal Group Sales is named the Senior Star of the month; and for the Diamond or Crown Manager with the highest Personal Group Sales will be named the Crown Star of the month. Congratulations to all the Senior Stars and Crown Stars, and congratulations to Chai Sau Chin for getting the Crown Star title for January, February, March, June, July and September, and thus becoming the Super Crown Star!

Black Gold & Platinum night is a competition open to all Diamond Crown Managers to participate, one has to achieve at least 6 Black Gold or Platinum Insignia between January and December, in other words achieving at least 20,000PV personal group sales for a minimum of 6 months, and they’ll be awarded as the Black Gold & Platinum Insignia Achievers!

Congratulations to Pang Hai Tien & Lim Soo Fang for being awarded Single Diamond; and to Loo Ching Wan & Tan Ah Luan for being awarded Double Diamond.

The performers presented an awesome dance, so awesome that everyone don’t dare to blink!

Each competition acts as a stepping stone and a reminder on the goal, is a challenge to yourself again and again, is also an opportunity to prove your strength. Congratulations to all Gold Silver Bronze Achievers!

Each competition acts as a stepping stone and a reminder on the goal, is a challenge to yourself again and again, is also an opportunity to prove your strength. Congratulations to all Gold Silver Bronze Achievers! Besides, if one is able to break their own personal group sales record up to 1,500PV, 5,500PV, 10,500PV in December, they become the “Break Your Record” winners, congratulations to all the achievers! At the same time, congratulations to Lee Ee Meng & Ong Sze Peng for breaking their personal group sales record of 40,450PV in December last year, and was crowned the TOP OF THE TOP!

The footsteps of the predecessors are the example for the future, follow, learn, apply, and then pave the path of success unique to your own, this is the gist of the speeches given by all eight teachers. Thanks to all the teachers for the engaging speeches, believe that everyone definitely benefited a lot.

(From left: Madam Tie Mee Ching, Mr. Lim Keh Ee, Madam Sin Peek Leng, Mr. Ng Leng Ann, Madam Moo Kon Lian, Mr. Cha Tee Mui, Madam Chia Hoi Hoi and Mr. Ng Fock Ten)

In November 2022, Seiketsu witnessed 3 different individuals breaking the record for highest personal group sales! Firstly, it was Crown Managers Lee Ee Meng & Ong Sze Peng breaking the record of 222,775PV; Secondly it was Diamond Crown Manager Chai Sau Chin breaking the record of 225,100PV; Thirdly it was Diamond Crown Managers Loo Ching Wan & Tan Ah Luan breaking the record of 229,385PV, who have also charted at the same time as the record holder with the highest PV achieved!

The Diamante Award is a symbol of supreme honor, the Diamante Achiever will be invited to spend the night in the hotel for free. Congratulations to Sim Chee Keong & Goh Swee Hwa for being a Diamante Achiever by achieving 30,000PV in their personal group sales for a total of 9 months. Congratulations to Chai Sau Chin for being the Top Diamante Achiever by achieving 30,000PV in her personal group sales for all 12 months!

The efforts that you’ve put in last year has borne fruits for your harvest this year. Congratulations to all the Seiketsians who have earned a place in the Top 10 competition! At 10th Place, Ng Kim Wei & Yong Yoke Ching from Perak; at 9th Place, Ong Kar Siong & Cheah Shwu Hooi from Perak; at 8th Place, Pang Hai Tien & Lim Soo Fang from Johor; at 7th Place, Kheu Chow Thon & Low Geok Cheng from Penang; at 6th Place, Yoon Chee Ho & Lim Poh Lai from Perak; at 5th place, Sim Chee Keong & Goh Swee Hwa from Selangor. 4th Place goes to Au Cheng Yue from Selangor, 3rd Place goes to Loo Ching Wan & Tan Ah Luan from Perak and 2nd Place goes to Lee Ee Meng & Ong Sze Peng from Johor.

This year, the top winner for the Top 10 Competition falls into the hands of a Diamond Crown Manager from Pahang -- Chai Sau Chin! Her spirit of not giving up, non-stop trying and persistence has finally won herself a champion, she perfectly interpreted that persistence is the best victory! “The fruit of success is really sweet, if you don’t believe it, try it yourself!”

This year, CEO Mr. Ronnie Leong decided the prize for the top 3 in the “Best of the Best” competition extravagantly. From 5/3/2023 to 4/8/2023, for any Diamond or Crown Managers, the top 3 who managed to complete the most sales with Starter PV (6,000PV) will win away incredible prizes. At third place, you’ll win the iPad Air (5th Generation) and AirPods (2nd Generation); at second place, you’ll win a Honda Wave Alpha motorcycle; and the winner with the most sales completed will win the Haier 85” Smart TV worth RM 10,499! These three prizes are definitely alluring, Seiketsians, give it your best!

Every Seiketsians kept their spirits high throughout the long-awaited physical event, from the arrangement of each session and the incredible crowd control by the hosts, to the amazing performances and the enthusiasm from the audience, the whole event is in full swing and definitely on fire!

For this year’s lucky draw, Seiketsu has generously gave away 10 packs of Blacsemenuro Vegetable Capsule worth RM4,680 each and 10 units of Seiketsu Air Purifier worth RM4,988 each! Everyone is both excited and nervous when the host is calling out the lucky winners, hoping the number on their ticket is being called!

Those who managed to achieve at least 6 Black Gold or Platinum Insignia in a year are given the opportunity to spend a night at a five-stars hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton! Everyone attended the dinner party dressed with elements of denim, enjoying their food in the majestic environment, and spent a relaxing night in chitchat and laughter.


Early morning, Seiketsians have gathered at Seiketsu's Headquarters, with Mr. Ronnie Leong, Madam Vivien Leong-Wood, Mr. Richard Teo, Mr. Ngim and special guests Mr. Satoshi Mori, Mr. Thavisith Pongprapansiri and Mr. Anu Pongprapansiri, to witness the Honor Roll Unveil Ceremony. Firstly, it's Crown Managers Lee Ee Meng & Ong Sze Peng breaking the record with 222,775PV; Secondly it's Diamond Crown Manager Chai Sau Chin breaking the record with 225,100PV; Thirdly it's Diamond Crown Managers Loo Ching Wan & Tan Ah Luan breaking the record with 229,385PV, who have also charted at the same time as the record holder with the highest PV achieved, congratulations! The amazing lion dance performance lit up the scene, everyone is trying to interact with the lion to get some luck.

After the incense-lighting ceremony, everyone moved indoors into Seiketsu's Headquarters, to witness the plaque unveiling and handover ceremony, the achievers have also given speeches to share their joy. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Leon Leong at the scene, whereas Chef Ben and Chef ND transformed into livestream hosts and broadcasted the event live, Leong Zong also give the speech of the ceremony. All the guests are moved by Seiketsian's warmth and able to blend in effortlessly.


MRTM is responsible for protecting the interest of Seiketsu business and establishing a healthy environment conducive for achieving success. After the swearing-in ceremony, the new committee member, Kho Hui Ling, pledged to uphold the rules and regulations of MRTM, to become the role model for Seiketsians and to bridge the communication between Seiketsians and the company.

The 82nd Crown Manager Meeting officially kicking off Seiketsu’s offline activities once again!

The CEO officiates the Break Your Record Month competition with 3 knocks on the Lucky Gong. Every Seiketsians writing down their aimed PV to achieve on the balloon for the Break Your Record Month competition, and pop the balloons with guidance from the CEO. What a stunning scene!

Three sharers, Mr. Yoon Chee Ho, Mdm. Moo Kon Lian and Mdm. Wong Mooi Ling, humorously and wittily sharing their success stories with the other Seiketsians.

The launching of Seiketsu’s newest product - the Seiketsu Air Purifier AP8848! Now, Seiketsu can’t even tolerate any damage everyone gets just from breathing, and this is the love and care that Seiketsu has for all of you.

Specially invited a few beneficiaries to share their experiences after using the Seiketsu Air Purifier AP8848.

Eight celebrities joining forces!

Mr. Lee Kian Sh’ang, Mr. Ng Leng Ann, Mr. Ng Kooi Koy, Mr. Ng Fock Ten.

Mdm. Lim Ru Lan, Mr. Thay Kiat Eong, Mr. Yap Kim Hua and Mr. Wong Han Khang.

The eight celebrities pumping up the crowd! Every Seiketsians at the scene are fully charged with positive energy.

The Seiketsians are divided into groups for discussions.

The CEO concludes the Crown Manager Meeting with a closing speech.

Education and training on new product and new marketing plan.

Consultant sharing the features of the new product and new marketing plan with Seiketsians.

The long-awaited Annual Award Presentation Ceremony was finally back after a two-year hiatus, and the banquet at JW Marriott Hotel KL represented a true return to form! Although we had a new venue, a new format, and even new faces this year, the unity we embrace, the direction we are heading, the goals in our sights, the dream in our hearts and the strength of our will remain steadfast as ever.

The magnificent decorations, the amazing opening act and an ambiance filled with enthusiasm from our Seiketsu family added plenty of buzz and thrills to the event. This was the first time Leong Dong delivered the opening speech for this event.

Leong Zong and Leong Dong presented certificates to the newly minted Diamond Crown Managers and congratulated each winner on their journey to a bountiful life.

Those who successfully collected six Black Gold Insignia or Platinum Insignia and achieved a Personal Group Sales of 20,000PV and above for at least six months in a year will qualify as Black Gold or Platinum Elite respectively.

The Senior Manager with the highest monthly performance PV will be awarded a Senior Star, while Diamond Crown Managers or Crown Managers who achieved the same feat will be awarded a Crown Star. Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan won the most Crown Stars in a year and were awarded the Super Crown Star. Congratulations!

Leong Dong and Zhang Dong presented the awards for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Achievers.

The experience of our seniors is the best guidepost for our own journey. Their determination reinforces our will, and their success is the best encouragement we need. Everyone presents benefitted tremendously from the sharing by the eight mentors namely Ng Hon Chan, Thay Kiat Eong, Lee Kian Sh’ang, Ng Kooi Koy, Tan Lip Soon, Wu Mun Pang, Yap Kim Hua and Wong Han Khang. The audience basked in the positive energy and was inspired to strive for their own success.

Congratulations to the amazing husband-and-wife team of Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan for their amazing performance in Break Your Record Month Challenge as they created the highest Personal Group Sales record and took home the ultimate prize!

Congratulations to Lee Ee Meng and Ong Sze Peng as the husband-and-wife team broke the record of Personal Group Sales in November 2021 with an amazing 180,000PV. Current record holders Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan broke the record the following month in December with an outstanding 181,880PV!

Earn at least nine Black Gold Insignia between January and December to qualify as a Diamante Elite. Congratulations to Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan for winning the Diamante Elite title in year 2021.

A year of hard work was duly rewarded as all the winners savoured the fruits of their efforts on stage. Winners of the Top 10 Competition got up on the stage to receive their prizes. Congratulations!

Strive hard to keep one’s dream alive and put in the equivalent amount of hard work to achieve one’s dream. Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan went full throttle throughout the year and bagged many of Seiketsu’s awards to stand as the champion of the Top Ten Competition!

Leong Zong closed the evening with his inspiring speech titled ‘Unlimited Business Opportunities, Inspiring Hearts’ which fired up everyone and gave them a much-needed boost to face the next challenge.




This year, Seiketsu arranged the winners of TOP 10 and Black Gold and Platinum achievers to stay at the JW Marriott Hotel, KL. In the evening, everyone dressed up beautifully with the theme of ‘Red’ to attend the "Fortune Dinner". They enjoyed delicious food and took beautiful photos.

Congratulations to Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan who set a new record of 181,880 PV in December last year. The Honor Roll Unveil Ceremony was held at Seiketsu headquarters and specially invited Lion Dance to usher this great achievement and gave away tangerines to guests.

Malaysia is still feeling the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic even after more than a year of lockdown. Although we were unable to hold any large-scale award presentation ceremony as we traditionally did due to the lockdown restrictions, we managed to arrange for a small but exquisite award presentation ceremony at our headquarters. We were also delighted to have everyone who could not make it physically join us online from the different regions to share our excitement!On the day of the event, the Internal Family Members made careful arrangement and took steps to ensure that the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was properly adhered to by all attendees.The conference room at our headquarters was completely transformed; the atmosphere was brought to life not only through the lighting and audio systems, but the enthusiasm of all the attendees.

Everyone joined in the singing of our national anthem and the Seiketsu Dream before the start of the event. The two emcees showed impeccable rapport even though this was the first time that the duo was hosting an online award presentation ceremony. Our most esteemed and loved CEO, Dr. Ronnie Leong, delivered a heartfelt speech to kick off the event.

In the past year, Seiketsu has held many contests throughout the year to give MLM Seiketsians numerous opportunities at winning, and win they did! Congratulations to all winners!Congratulations to Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan from Perak for taking home the Break Your Record Month Top of the Top grand prize!Congratulations also to all newly debuted Diamond Crown Managers!Seiketsu is like an orchard with countless diamond fruits waiting to be harvested. Our Diamond Crown Managers simply reached out their hands to harvest the fruits and now stand at the pinnacle of the Seiketsu Marketing Plan.MLM Seiketsians who obtained at least nine Black Gold Insignia within a year (January to December) will be inducted into the ranks of Diamanté Elite, and we congratulate Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan for achieving this feat!

At Seiketsu, your efforts will be duly rewarded. The winners of the Top Ten Sales Competition for 2020 took to the stage to receive their deserved recognition. Congratulations go out to all winners and especially to the Champion Team Loo Ching Wan and Tan Ah Luan as well as two other couples or individuals in their group who have made it into the Top Ten list!

After the recognition ceremony, attendees adjourned to the lobby for a scrumptious luncheon.



Congratulations to Lee Ee Meng and Ong Sze Peng for setting the highest monthly performance record with 180,000PV of Personal Group Sales in November last year! Sze Peng has never done any direct selling business before joining Seiketsu. She has been working hard and obedient, and finally successfully won the highest honor of breaking the record list! This is not only one of the highlight moments in Ong Sze Peng's life, but she also adds a touch of brilliance to the success history of Seiketsu! On 7/2/2022, at 11.30 in the morning, Seiketsu held a ceremony to refresh the honor roll at the Kuala Lumpur International Headquarters. In addition to the CEO of Seiketsu, Leong Zong, and the chairlady Leong Dong, the “Super Team” from South Malaysia also witnessed the event. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement.

MRTM is responsible for protecting the interest of Seiketsu business and establishing a healthy environment conducive for achieving success. After the swearing-in ceremony, the new committee member, ND Lim, pledged to uphold the rules and regulations of MRTM, to become the role model for Seiketsians and to bridge the communication between Seiketsians and the company.

After a two-year hiatus, Seiketsu is back with its 75th Crown Managers’ Meeting that was hosted online and offline! The meet was hosted by the newly appointed Consultant, Carine Leong. She led fellow Seiketsians to kick off the event with a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem and Seiketsu’s Dream.

December is the time for the annual final rush! The “Break Your Record Month” was unveiled, and the contest rules and incentives were announced. MLM Seiketsians wrote down their goals on the balloons provided before piercing the balloons together as a sign of their commitment. The flames in each and every one’s heart was ignited; their enthusiasm and passion was carried by the sound of the popping balloons and filled the event with positive energy!

A huge shout-out went out to the newly promoted Crown Managers How Bee Yee, Chong Choo & Po Moi Lan, Goh Wei Jun, Tan Who Pheng & Moo Yoon Mui, Tan Won Kok & Low Choi Foong and Lew Jie Yan. Congratulations on their successful rank up and in achieving their personal breakthroughs.

Congratulations also went to newly promoted Diamond Crown Managers Lew Swee Keong & Wong Choy Har.

Attendees were treated to the insightful sharing of Wong Choy Har and Tan Ah Luan in the “Share, Interact for Mutual Success” workshop and gained invaluable wisdom from their sharing.

The season for bountiful harvest is upon us again, and this is the time for MLM Seiketsians to showcase their outstanding results for the year. Everything we do starts from our heart. We can change the world around us if only we tap into the power within us! 2022 is the year for a reset, and Seiketsu’s motto for the year is “Moving forward, starting from heart”. Diamond Crown Manager Ng Hon Chan and Consultant Jo Lim gave an inspirational talk of the same title.

The long awaited Seiketsu’s CEO Leong Zong gave an electrifying talk on breaking out the status quo to soar higher which greatly benefitted all those who were present.




Because of an epidemic, “Break Your Record Month Competition” for this year was announced via online broadcasting. The hosts, Leon Leong and Carine Leong, both maintaining their demeanour, the live broadcast was very well controlled. Every Diamond Crown Managers as well as Crown Managers received balloons sent by SEIKETSU, they wrote down their targeted break through personal group PV at home and pierced the balloon simultaneously with Dr Ronnie Leong. SEIKETSU’s CEO, Dr Ronnie Leong, took the stage and gave a speech. SEIKETSU “Break Your Record Month Competition” is to break your own record as easy as possible then proceed to move forward. In this December, if your personal group PV exceeds more then 1,500PV or more for month of February, July or August of this year, you will receive 1 bottle of SOD anti-aging serum worth RM263; you will receive 2 bottles of SOD anti-aging serum worth RM526 if exceeds 5,500PV or more; those who exceeds 10,500PV or more, will receive 3 bottles of SOD anti-aging serum worth RM789. In addition, the top 10 PV Breaker will receive 5 bottles of SOD anti-aging serum worth RM1,315, and if you are top of the top, you will receive 10 bottles of SOD anti-aging serum worth RM2,630! Besides this, another good news for December, Seiketsu has organized a “Giving Back Activity! On! On!” to thank the genuine support and trust from customers! You only need to purchase any product as specified, you can use RM888/- ~ 200PV (normal price RM2,638/-) to buy Healthy Love DIY (Main engine and Bowl), or use RM699/- ~ 150PV (normal price RM1,000/-) to buy an Induction Cooker, or buy both. Such a big sales, what are you waiting for? ON right away! ON!


To all our Seiketsu’s consumers, there will be a LUCKY DRAW session on 04/09/2020 @ 10.00 am. This LUCKY DRAW will be on LIVE SHOW. As long as you purchased Seiketsu’s products RM1,000/- and above, you are eligible to take part. Seiketsu has prepared VIP’s Gift such as Soluv Pantyliner worth RM27.50 till Cosmos Pressure Cooker worth RM1,518/- and for VVIP’s Gift it will be Super Induction Pack worth RM1,848/-. Altogether there will be a total of 59 VIP sets and 5 VVIP sets awaiting to be won. Our Leong Dong will be invited to perform the draw and could imagine the excitement of Seiketsians.

Husband and wife team, Lee Kian Sh’ang and Moo Kim Yoon, broke their Personal Group Sales record of 177,080PV in a month, has become the highest record breaker in the history of Seiketsu. Congratulations! This couple is the leader of their ‘Devote Team’, they work conscientiously, diligently and eagerly to gain more knowledge. Under their leadership, their team has become stronger and bigger. In this respect, Seiketsu has honored them by providing a‘Honor Roll’. This also to let other Seiketsians consider them as a role modeland inspiration so that their own photo can also be hung up one day. Finally, Leong Zong, Leong Dong and Shen Dong representing the company handed over the ‘Honor Roll Refine Version’ to Kian Sh’ang and Kim Yoon.

This year, in compliance with government SOP, Seiketsu is able to held an extraordinary Mini Award Presentation Ceremony in Seiektsu’s head office. Even though, not many guests attended, but they still can watch via live broadcast to witness this inspiring moment. The venue was meticulously furnished, it looks simple but beautiful, everyone was impressed and took a photo.All winners attended the ceremony were well-dressed. Seiketsians who haven’t seen for a long time due to MCO, were very excited to meet and kept talking and sharing with each other.

Seiketsu’s CEO, Leong Zong, gave his speech. Year 2020, because of COVID-19, economic downturn, the unemployment rate goes up, Leong Zong said:” Every problem has a hidden grace, we must find out the commercial opportunity behind the crisis.” During this period, we need to survive through the right way, beat the virus and create a better life.

Grand winner of this season’s Top 10 Competition, Sim Chee Kong and Goh Swee Hwa, congratulations!

The winners of the Top 10 Competition finally went on stage to receive their gold chains and gold medals, also shared their joy of winning. As the emcee said:” Their hard work made them emerged and won the competition, the stage sparkles like a diamond because of them!”

Every month if achieved 10 thousand PV, will received 9 Black Gold Insignia and will be awarded as Diamanté Elite. Congratulation to Ng Kooi Koy and Sin Peek Leng who obtained the Diamanté Elite! Members of Invincible Team took a group photo on the small stage.

Senior Manager who achieved the highest sales in a month will be qualified as Senior Star, meanwhile Crown Managers or Diamond Crown Managers will be qualified as Crown Star. Congratulations to all Seiketsians who won Senior Star and Crown Star. Also, congratulation to Ng Kooi Koy & Sin Peek Leng who have won Crown Star several times in 12 months and achieved Super Crown Star, they received a gold medal worth RM8448!

‘Break Your Record Month’ Lunch Banquet was held at Premiere Hotel Klang. During the month of December 2019, leaders whose win the match will be invited to attend the Lunch Banquet.

The most vulnerable in this world is LIFE. Even if we are healthy and strong, we are still able to be infected by virus. The coronavirus outbreak in China has attracs global attention and the spread of the epidemic is most worrying. This period of time we can only take full protective measures to enhance our immune system. A specialised report was made known to everyone to understand the severity of the epidemic and advised everyone to consume more of our Blacsemenuro Vegetable Capsule as well as our Nuro Rice Blend that can help eliminate the virus and increase our immune system.

Throughout our journey of life, we have to face many challenges at different level. But when each challenge was overcome, we tend to be more mature. Therefore, all winners were delighted to achieve their recognition on stage.

After enjoying their delicious lunch, MLM leaders enjoyed participating the karaoke session, all Seiketsians on down stage singing along, the atmosphere was very crowded.

Congratulations to Seiketsians Chee Keong and Swee Hwa from Selangor for breaking record of 103,425PV and won the grand prize of “Top of The Top”!

The finale kicked off with a lucky draw that brought the day to a close. The Pressure Cooker is the big grand prize, the lucky winners return home with full of smiles.


Glad to have you around in 2020! Seiketsu Diamond Crown Managers gathered at Doubletree by Hilton, Melaka, early in the morning to participate in a series of exciting activities. Everyone was in high spirits as they sang the national anthem and “Impian Seiketsu”.

The MLM business has always been about the collective effort of a team of like-minded individuals rather than loners. Seiketsian Wong Han Khang proposed many effective ways to lead a MLM organisation. According to Wong, following tried and tested methodology is all it takes to lead a team to success regardless of the size. Another Seiketsian, Ng Kooi Koy, provided an analysis of the importance of a team. Ng thinks that the size of a team is secondary to its quality, and there is a need to groom strong leaders to strengthen the group and provide a sense of stability. The stronger the group, the greater the earnings of each individual member!

During the event, Consultant Jo Lim revealed the formula for success in Seiketsu! Besides company culture, a tried and tested system, the equally important element for Seiketsians is unity. Culture + System + Unity is the formula for success! After a two-year break, the CEO of Seiketsu, Dr. Ronnie Leong a.k.a Leong Zong was back on the stage once again to deliver his electrifying motivational speech. No matter how far away our dream might appear to be, every step we take brings us closer to the goal and we will eventually get there. On the other hand, even if our dream is just in front of us, those who do not take the first step will never be able to reach it. “One step at a time, success is sure to come,” resounded in the air as Leong Zong led the crowd to cheer the slogan of success with the launch of the Super Induction Pack.

Seiketsians got together for a scrumptious lunch after the meeting.

Those born in January were ushered on stage for a group birthday celebration and received the well-wishes from everyone.

Everyone made their way back to their respective room to take a break once they had taken a group photo.

After a short rest, everyone headed to the dinner venue for an evening of good food and great entertainment specially lined up for the evening. The series of exciting activities included celebrity impressions and many interesting games for Diamond Crown Managers.

Internal family member Lim Jia You pulled off an uncanny impression of Hong Kong ‘Heavenly King’ Aaron Kwok while Carol Yong pulled off an impressive imitation of Chinese singer Han Hong. For the second round, Sara Lim gave everyone a spot on impression of the late Anita Mui and Carol Yong returned to the stage once again with her take on Hong Kong star Maria Cordero. The crowd were very excited with the amazing performance and took the atmosphere to a fever pitch.

Participants were then divided into groups as they battled it out in the balloon blowing contest to see who can blow up the balloon the biggest without popping it. The top three teams with the biggest balloon circumference walked away with prizes.

During the script memorising segment, Kate Ng was matched against Carine Leong while Leon Leong competed against Jerry Leong. Youth indeed reigned supreme as the youngsters proved themselves strong in both body and mind. The four participants put up a great fight and won thunderous applause from everyone present!

The game sessions were incomplete without a game of “Who is Spy”. Seiketsians were no stranger to this exciting game. The competitiveness raised the tension as everyone tried to outwit each other. After a fierce competition, the winner and his/her supporters walked away with attractive prizes. Those who failed also received consolation prizes and everyone enjoyed themselves fully!

Everyone joined in the celebration of the seventh anniversary of “Zu Cheng”. Seiketsians who participated in the LINE Zu Cheng Fans group were automatically added into the lucky draw for a chance to win amazing prizes!