Cosmos Steam Tower II

Cosmos Steam Tower II consist of 5 layers, made from Austenitic Steel 18.10 CrNi, elegant and noble appearance. Suitable for use on induction hob and with any other cooking appliances. Besides the 28cm base of the pot, Cosmos Steam Tower II also has 3 latest designed fumarole steamer and one multi hole steamer. Its heat storage and heat transfer function are three times faster than typical pots due to its additional base layer which is infused with turbo induction technology. Moreover, it can cook or steam up to 5 different types of dishes at the same time without affecting the flavour of each dish. Therefore, it is both energy and time-saving. The thermometer on the pot cover assists in regulating the time needed for cooking, thus enabling the food to be cooked just right, while maintaining its original juices and flavour, and preventing the loss of nutrients at the same time.

* RM3,068.00/


Fumaroles Steamer
This is a unique well-designed pot with holes at the base which are concentrated at the side of the pot. Thus, when the steam that gathers at the side of the pot rises up, it mimics a gas injector that is able to steam cook the food rapidly. The semicircular designed lid will channel the steam that has condensed into water droplet by allowing it to flow back to bottom of the pot through the sides of the pot. This completely solves the problem of condensation which causes water droplets to drip onto the food. It is also a better way to maintain the water level in the pot and helps save water at the same time. Therefore, Cosmos Steam Tower II is suitable to be used for steaming puddings, steaming buns, etc. with satisfactory results.

Multi Hole Steam Pot
The holes on the steamer are evenly spread out at the base of the pot so that the steam rises directly to steam cook food such as meat, fish and vegetables in a fast manner. The juice flows back to the bottom of the pot and enhances the taste of the dishes such as soups, porridge, rice and other. It is especially ideal for cooking chicken.

Q & A

Q: What sort of company is Inoxia?

A: Inoxia adalah pengeluar Cosmos Steam Tower dari Itali yang telah ditubuhkan sebanyak 76 tahun. Syarikat tersebut adalah pembuat periuk keluli tahan karat yang terkenal di dunia. Ia terletak di Bandar Verdonia Fondotoce di Itali dan ia menduduki kawasan seluas 7 ekar. Perkakas dapur yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat tersebut semuanya diperbuat daripada keluli tahan karat austenitik 18.180 CrNi yang paling lasak, bersih dan berkualiti tinggi. Kilangnya yang besar hanya mempunyai kurang daripada 30 orang pekerja kerana mesin-mesin canggih yang berteknologi tinggi digunakan dalam proses pengeluarannya. Peralatan dapur yang dikeluarkan Inoxia telah memperolehi beberapa paten secara global. Jenamanya juga terkenal dan diiktiraf di merata tempat di dunia.

Q: What are the benefits of steaming food?

A: Scientific research has proven that the higher the temperature used in cooking, the food cooked will be more difficult for the human body to digest, absorb and metabolise. Therefore, cooking methods using low temperatures, such as steaming, cooking and stewing, are most beneficial to our health. Steaming could most possibly retain the original nutrition of the food. During the course of steaming, the temperature used is also relatively mild (maintained at about 100°C). During the steaming process, if the food contains high amount of fat (eg. meats), the excess fat with be released while the food is being heated by the steam, thus reducing the oiliness of the food.

Q: What is austenitic stainless steel?

A: Austenitic stainless steel is the strongest and most hygienic stainless steel. Among various types of stainless steel, the austenitic stainless steel has the greatest ability to withstand corrosion. In hospitals, the surgical knife and other surgical instruments used by the surgeons are made of austenitic stainless steel.


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