Seiketsu Cosmos Nutrition Cookpot

Since the launch of Seiketsu Cosmos Nutrition Cookpot in 1996, it has remained a popular product in the market. Its elegant appearance, extra high capacity and flexible usage had easily made it a favourite among consumers. Seiketsu Cosmos Nutrition Cookpot is made with 304 stainless steel inside out, with high graded heat-resistance material sandwiched between its layers. In it contains a big pot that measures up to 8 liter, and two smaller pots that are 24cm in diameter. It is able to retain heat for up to 6 hours at approximately 70° Celsius. The lid, on the other hand, uses a special air-tight design to minimize heat loss, so the food can retain its authentic taste; Together with the pot, it is highly effective in preserving heat and cold.

* RM1,274.00/unit


The Features Of Seiketsu Cosmos Nutrition Cookpot:

Save Energy
When you cook your food, you can save up to 1/2 to 2/3 of the energy supplied, thus you do not need to spend extra voltage power and indirectly save your money.

Save Time And Convenience
You only spend little time to boil the water, in another word, save away those time that you should spend in normal cooking.

When you braise your food, you do not need any power supply, thus is a totally safe process. The thermal container and thermal preservative flask for braising purpose are highly capable of both heat and also cooling preserving.

Environmental Friendly
When you braise any food, carbon monoxide will not be produced, and neither oil satin or smoke is coming out. Thus, keep our kitchen clean and non-hazardous to our health.

Suitable For All Types Of Cooking
Easily handled and convenient to use.

Nutrients Preserved
When you braise your food, all the nutrient contents will be preserved. So your cooked food will be totally fresh and delicious.

Healthy Living
Since no oil stains or smoke is produced, this will prevent us from infected with any bronchial or breathing illnesses.


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